Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Ellie!

Birthday Girll with her Tinkerbell Cake

Oh, there's so many wonderful ways I love my Ellie-Belly:
She's my firstborn and there's a special bond attributed with that
She's got motherly intuition at a ripe young age
She's compassionate to those hurting
She's a vibrant, energetic, strong-willed, dynamic leader
She makes new friends better than anyone else I know
She's confident
She's an excellent artist and enjoys making up stories & songs
I love you so, my Bird-Bird growing up too quickly for me!
Fairy Friends: Emmy, Brooke, & Ellie

Feeding the 5,000

Opening Presents

Miss Natalie's Dance Party Extravaganza

Lovin' on Mia

Ellie & Kendall-Roo


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Jenny said...

Cute cake! I'm glad Ellie had such a good birthday!