Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wise Shopping

Christmastime is quickly approaching and the art of frugality is a favorite pastime of mine. All that said, I wanted to turn you on to my latest favorite blog. I check this site multiple times a day for some great deals and freebies. I'm always looking at the Target and Walgreens deals, but there's so much more out there! Just yesterday I was able to make a photo calendar for FREE (shipping and all!), and a few days ago I was able to get some awesome magazine subscriptions for just $5! And my latest? Well, I'm in the drawing to win Riley a Glacier Outdoor Combo Pack for fly-fishing. So, whether or not you've got thriftiness in your soul, check out the website for practical savings.

And, if you're the crafty type, I have two ideas for you. Check out this adorable crayon roll tutorial! I've made several and they're inexpensive & simple to make. Just know that if you have little people living in your house, that's what they'll be getting for Christmas this year from the Post family! Last year, I made these Superhero Capes for Ellie's 3rd Birthday party. While not as cheap nor easy as the crayon roll, these still made great gifts. Oh, and there's always a personalized apron or art smock. Let me know if you attempt any of these... I'd love to see your finished gems!


Natalie said...

I just cant do it! I guess I wasnt made for this frugal stuff whenever I try i get frustrated with all the searching and time.

Mark, Steph, Eli, Toby, and Ish said...

I had been thinking of doing a few crayon rolls this Christmas, too, though I hadn't seen one as cute as the one you linked to! Not sure if my skills can pull that fancy one off, though, since I hate to measure and use exact ANYTHING. :) Crayola Kidszone has a program (free with a code from certain cereal boxes like KIX) where you upload digital photos and it transforms them into coloring sheets. I'm planning on including some coloring sheets of the boys and their friends when giving these as gifts.