Friday, May 28, 2010

Alaska Day 2

We got up early and took the 6am half-day halibut charter on the Jackpot. Our captain drove us (and 11 other fisherman) and hour out to sea to find these tasty bottom feeders.

I caught the first halibut on our charter...literally a minute after my bait hit bottom!

Our booty: 4 relatively small halibut (limit is 2 fish per day per person) that we'll take to get frozen, carry home, freeze and eat for the next several months. These are the best tasting fish around!

After almost 8 years of marriage I learned for the first time that Riley is missing a never grew in and I never noticed before! Always something new, right?

Riley making fun of me because I spent 10 minutes in the candy aisle trying to decide what chocolate to choose...I picked Reeses Pieces

Riley's gonna head out tonight to the Ninilchik River as the rivers open at midnight for salmon fishing. Wish him luck!


Natalie said...

reeses with all the choices you have!!! this looks like allot of fun! so great to rediscover each other.

Meghan said...

GLORIOUS! We are so glad you guys had the chance to have this getaway together!!!