Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Latest Projects: The Girls' Room/Playroom

Since a baby boy will be arriving here in 3 months I've decided to get rid of pink and start fresh. Wonderful! The girls moved into the playroom so now it's the girls' bedroom/playroom and it's working out well. And this post is dedicated to sweet Meghan who has patiently been waiting for these pictures to help me amp up the room. I'm happy with most of the room, but as you'll soon see, there's nothing on the walls. I have trouble hammering holes into freshly painted walls until I know exactly what I like. So Meghan, can't wait to hear your thoughts on any thrifty final touches you might have. After all, you are THE best decorator I know!
What I've been working on lately:
The Fabric: My original inspiration for the room. I loved the colors...neutral gender with a touch of feminine. I'm a sucker for polka dots. At $8.99 a yard it was splurge to use this fabric for the curtains...but no regrets, I love it and I'm glad I did!

This adorable rack was spotted by Nat when we were yard saleing together a few weekend ago. I pulled my fabric swatch out of my purse and sure enough, it was the perfect red. Awesome $3 find, Nat! I hung it tucked behind the door (as suggested by the brilliant Jen) so the girls can hang their coats and bags BY THEMSELVES...genus!

The $15 Dresser that I found on campbellyardsales and spent $20 on new knobs! I love the dresser but I feel like something is off with the polka dots. Jen thinks it's the green and I think maybe the dots should have been bigger or maybe the dots should have been on top of a solid color other than white? Can't put my finger on it so I haven't touched it...any ideas?

Ahhh! The wonderful bunk beds! This was my prize find. Solid white bunk beds for only $100 off of campbellyardsales. They de-bunk into single twins if we ever live in a place with enough space. Until then, the girls are in bunk bed heaven! And the cute green sheets...a target special at $14.99 a set...100% jersey cotton. Don't ask about the cost of the mattresses. A got a good deal but still expensive in my book...that's something I'd feel weird buying used, though. I still need to make or buy twin quilts/comforters for their beds. I LOVE this set from Land of Nod, but at $150 per set I'm not sure I can make the plunge! Oh, and the red globes? They used to be white and I've had these since our outdoor wedding reception almost 8 years ago! Just painted them the same red as the dresser and it makes the room pop! I think I need to move them to the center of the room, though.

The Play Corner: Their most played with toys...kitchen & babies. Enough said.

The Dress-Up Station: The 2nd most played with toys in the house. The chest was an old black ammo box that my neighbors at Ft Bragg set out for the trash. I paid them $5 and took two. I painted the box aqua b/c that's my favorite polka dot color of the curtains, red to tie together with the rest of the room, and green dots b/c I thought those looked best with aqua. Aqua hooks were about $3 from Target and easy for the girls to hang their jewelry on.

Saedi's dresser that I picked up for free after a rained-out yard sale when we lived at Ft Benning. Added a fresh coat of white and painted the drawers Chinese red...adorable! Special Note: The green basket on the dresser was a gift my best friend, Audrey, gave to me for Christmas full of free items she had snagged by couponing. It's my inspiration to stay thrifty!

And the rug...should it stay or should it go? If it stays I think I need to add a touch more pink to the room.



Jen said...

Now that I see pictures I think the green polka dots on the dresser need to be pink and then you can get add a tiny bit more pink with a rug I know we will find! :) Did you ever get the email I sent with the link for polka dot sheets you could sew together and make duvet covers?

Meghan said...

Michelle - it looks great! I love the arrangement you came up with for all the pieces - you never cease to amaze me with the beauty you create from thrifty items! I am brainstorming about the walls...will get back to you :)

Meghan said...

I like jen's suggestion about the dresser...or, as another option, maybe you could put smaller pink circles on top of/inside the red circles?

I would keep the rug and try to incorporate bedding with a pink/red color combo....

You have done a fantastic job!

Michelle G. said...

I agree with keep the rug, and add pink polka dots to the dresser. Michelle this is such a cool project!

Laura Rosenberg said...

Really cute! I can't wait to do bunk beds, but I'm not sure Siri is ready yet. Have you seen "The Holiday" with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? I would love to make a tent in my girls' room like the 2 girls have in that movie!