Monday, January 17, 2011

5 Months

-Isaac loves the "g" sound & my homemade "Mr. Man" song
-Rolls a lot from back to tummy but then gets stuck. He fusses & yells but if we don't get him he gives up, puts his head down & sucks his "peace-sign" fingers.
-Still spitting up a lot, but a happy chunker he is!
-Prefers momma most, & has started smiling and cooing at Daddy via webcam. Ellie & Jack are also becoming his good buddies! (Saedi still prefers Jack. She gets very uncomfortable when Isaac cries)
-Loves to pull hair. He even pulls at his hair while nursing (just like Ellie did)
-Sleeps through the night 75% of time
-Starting to take an interest when other people eat and talk
-Enjoys holding/shaking rattles and teething toys
-Loves to splash and kick in the bathtub

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