Monday, January 10, 2011


Coupon Round-Up Jan 1-9th
-Walgreens: Spent $36.81 Saved $70.74
-Rite Aid: Spent $11.22 Saved $26.57
-Wal-Mart Spent $98.68 (eeek!) Saved $16.02 + whatever the cashier price-overrided for my price comparisons)
Sams Club Spent $43.56 Saved $0
Office Depot: Spent $7.44 Saved $6.79
Commissary: Spent $14.36 Saved $0
Total Spent: $212.77 Saved $120.12

Did great at Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and Office Depot as these are the stores I'm most comfortable couponing. I was surprised at how much I spent at Wal-Mart since I coupon price matched AND did store-ad-comparisons. Oh me something to work on! Sam's Club is always expensive since they don't accept coupons, but I love their produce and meat! The commissary killed me b/c it was a last-minute trip to pick up some food to make meals for a couple of families. My total spent is a lot for just one week (or barely over a week), but that big grocery will last me 1 1/2 -2 weeks plus some stock-up items. Now that I see what I'm really spending in one week (as opposed to just using my monthly allowance) it helps me. I would LOVE to get my monthly groceries to under $300...sounds impossible, but a good challenge for sure!


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