Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And She's 3

Saedi's actual birthday (Saturday, 29 Jan) ended up being freakishly warm. There was still some snow on the ground when we woke up that morning, but by noon it was high 50's and sunny! We spent the morning opening presents at home, Skyping with Daddy, visiting Mr Ed at Southern Maid Donuts, using our 20 free tokens at Chuck E Cheese, and then our $3 giftcard to Toys R Us. We picked up lunch at Wendy's and then met friends for an impromptu play at the park. What a great birthday!
This adorable shirt was sent from Saedi's penpal, Siri. The glasses were bought with her Toys R Us giftcard.
Her puppy cake that the 3 of us enjoyed that night before movies in momma's bed!
For Saedi's birthday party (today) we met friends at the YMCA for swimming & then lunch & cupcakes at Chic Fil A. Here's Meadow & Saedi, best friends. So sad that these two are going to have to say goodbye to each other in just a few months.
Caleb, Joshua, Isabella, Ellie, Meadow, Brooke, Saedi, Emmy, Sophia, (& Peighton came later)
The new goggles
Candyland-themed cupcakes

Her new personalized lunch box from Emmy


Aaron and Lacey said...

Thanks for the pics! Can't believe she's 3 already. Like the tights :-)

Natalie said...

makes me sad those two are growing!