Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last weekend the kids and I went on our first road trip...Atlanta here we come! We dropped Jack off at Ms Marian's late morning and then drove to see my younger brother, Steve-O & his wife, Jenn-AY (my phoenic spelling), cousin Hailey (3 weeks younger than Saedi) & my newest neice, baby Kaitlyn Beth who was just 2.5 weeks old!

Bye-Bye Jacker

The girls love to sit in the very back of the bus, I mean van, and they were digging the wireless headphones that Daddy bought for their new dvd player. Thanks to Mandi who donated a whole album of dvd's to occupy the girls during this 6 hour road trip!
Steve-O and Kaitlyn
It was rainy the entire weekend, but the kids didn't mind spending Saturday morning at the local indoor jumping park.
The 3 oldest at a local pizzeria (found by my deal...$25 gift card for $2)
Wresting rides with Uncle Steve-O

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