Monday, September 12, 2011

Ethiopian New Year

Our flights went smoothly. We enjoyed flying into Istanbul and spending a nice layover there. We arrived in Addis Ababa shortly after midnight this morning and ALL of our bags made it (we had 2 bags of donations!!! AWESOME!) Today is Ethiopian New Year so as soon as we stepped off the plane we could smell all the cooking fires, cigarette smoke and rose perfume from celebrations that had just taken place. So most things are closed down today because of the New Year, but we just got back from a long walk and photo shooting the locals around our guest home. Lots of sheep, goat and chickens are being slaughtered today to eat/celebrate for their holiday.

Tomorrow we're hiring a driver and leaving early for Awassa to spend 1/2 day there. We're hoping to visit Solomon Edilu's first orphanage and get photos of his birthplace.

Hoping to visit the local lepers and support them by purchasing some of their handmade items on Wed morning before we pick up Solomon.

We go to Embassy on Thursday and then should receive his visa Friday before we fly out Friday night.

Internet is sporadic so if we get a chance we'll continue to update and upload pics.

All is well and so happy to be here. We slept well this morning and our swollen feet are less swollen :)

Love you all.



Jen said...

Can't wait to continue reading about your trip and picking up Sol.

Meghan said...

Yeah!! So happy you made it safely. Enjoy every second...sounds like you are :)