Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our First Moments

Helen, the social worker, bringing "Edilu" to us
He's obviously unsure of us & "what big teeth you have"
Here come the tears
We brought cakes for all the kids & staff at Acacia Village & the nannies made the sign for Sol
Happy 1st Birthday Sol!
Haddush, the transition home director, giving "Edilu" one last kiss.
Sitting on Daddy's belly, warming up to us at the guest home



lindzybinz said...

ahhh!!!! so so so excited for you guys!!!!!! What a blessing! I've been checking your blog religiously in hopes of updates <3

Jeff said...

The pics were great! I got goose bumps for you guys seeing the light in your own eyes! I am so happy for you both and can't wait to see Solomon!

the indians and pirates said...

The whole family gathered around the computer to see these pictures. So much joy! (And Ish is now walking around singing, "ARE YOU GOING TO KISS ME?")

Capps Family said...

So happy for you! Can't wait to see your first family picture posted on the blog and to know you are home with your sweet little Sol and your family intact! Congratulations & lots of love!

The Capps

Nathan said...

He's beautiful. The two of you are glowing. This is great. Nancy and I and the kids plan to come visit you at WP this fall, once we're settled in CT.

Laura Rosenberg said...

I just reread this blog...the gigantic smiles on your faces are amazing, and its emotional to see the reunion! We're so excited for you guys...and we should start up pen pals when you're back and settled into a new routine!

Amy Souza said...

so good. so so good.

Amy Souza said...

so good. so so good.

KToth said...

Wow I almost cried looking at that last picture. What a blessing you are giving that little boy. God will bless you and Riley as you have blessed others. Thank you for your testimony.