Thursday, September 15, 2011

He is ours!

After much waiting and dealing with "African" time, we finally linked up with Solomon Edilu yesterday. He was hesitant with us at first, followed by all out fright. The nannies there were great and helped him get used to us over the course of a couple hours. Once he had settled down, we had a sweet birthday party for him with the other children, complete with cake and candles. His care givers were obviously happy for him, but you could also see they were sad to say good-bye. I can only imagine the mixed emotions they must go through every time a child goes home. After good-byes all around, we drove Solomon back to the guest house. He was peaceful and content, even falling asleep in my arms on the ride. Within a few hours, he was laughing and playing with us and the other children at the guest house. It was a blessed day!

We had our embassy appointment today and everything went smoothly. We pick up his passport and visa tomorrow and then fly out early Saturday morning. We can't wait to get home and have our family all together again. We are so close... thank you for all the prayers and support back home!

We will post more, with pictures, when we get a good internet connection again.


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