Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Boxes

Ellie's lovely purse box. Her supplies were pink spray paint, heart tissue paper, red pom pom & crayons
Saedi working diligently as stenciling. Her supplies were crayola paint, felt, colored paper, stencils, markers, feathers

Final products! And NO I am not pregnant, just a very un-flattering pic of my tummy here!
Saedi hot gluing her feathers
Since getting off Facebook (more on that later) I've been making more time for crafts with the girls. The other night we spent an hour after the boys went to bed making these adorable Valentine boxes from Silly Eagle Books. The craft was extremely easy & cheap/free because we used only supplies we had in our craft closet. It was a blast seeing the girls' different creative flares.



The Hatcher's said...

I have always loved peeking at your blog occassionaly ever since you posted your journey with Sol's adopion. I wish you all the best and do hope to stay in touch. P.S. The boys still talk about their fun soccer coach Riley. ;)


the indians and pirates said...

This was such a great idea - we checked out the post on Silly Eagle Books and tried it ourselves! Ours definitely have a more boyish twist than these sweet girly ones of yours, but we loved filling them through the days leading up to Valentine's Day. They have since been sadly smashed as they got in the path of a football game... :)

silly eagle books said...

I love the feathers and pom pom trim!! Your girls are adorable. :)