Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daddy's Home!

Ellie(5y), Saedi(3y), Isaac(7.5m) Waiting for that plane!
It's coming! Let's bundle up!
The plane landed and the kids began jumping up and down chanting, "Daddy! Daddy!" but changed to "Daddy's ! Daddy's" as they were excited for their friends, too! The Post girls were quickly spotted and heard by Daddy on the plane because of their long blonde hair and chanting!
Here they come!
First hugs...a heavy load with a big ruck on back plus 8 months of girlie growth!
Ellie, always a Daddy's girl, is happy to have her best friend home!
Little Saed-Saed warming up and investigating

First family pics...still in raincoats and poor Isaac exhausted
Our best family pic...too bad my eyes are closed


Lacey said...

Just sitting her crying :-) So great!

Nathan said...

Lacey, me too.

the indians and pirates said...

So sweet.

Meghan said...

Homecomings are the best. What fantastic pictures you captured. We are so happy that Riley is home safe and you are all together again :) Lots of love to you all!

Laura Rosenberg said...

I'm a sucker for your reunions! I am amazed at hour strength and inspired by your family! May God bless your days with tons of laughter and joy! Whoo hoo for 2 years together!!!