Thursday, April 21, 2011

Court Date & a Name

We finally have our first adoption court dates in Ethiopia! On Monday I was hiking with Isaac when I get the call from Sue! I called Riley with the good new and bad news. The good news:

May 23 is the first court hearing (we don't have to attend this one). Although we will not be present, the hearing is a major hurdle as it determines Solomon's eligibility for adoption. In the past, 50% of cases were approved at their first court hearing and 50% were not. We're praying that all the necessary people needed to testify will show up & that our judge sees fit for the case to move forward. Our second court date (the one we attend) is on the 31st of May! During this hearing, we will state our desire to adopt Solomon and the judge will (God willing!) approve the adoption. Riley and I are thrilled that we got a court date so soon amidst all the recent changes in the Ethiopian government. (Just a reminder that we will NOT be bringing Solomon Edilu home yet...that will be a different trip)

The bad news: that's the weekend we were supposed to be moving! ha ha. It's not "bad" news, really. I just have to laugh at God's timing sometimes. Still not sure of the logistics of it all yet, but we close on our house 1 May, Riley's change of command is 26 of May & then we'll try to leave Ft Campbell that night. Grandparents will keep the kids, we'll skip our planned trip to NY to be a part of the housing draw, & Ry and I will hop on a plane!

I know I just threw it out there, but Solomon Edilu is right! We agreed on the name and are happy to call him by name now. Edilu is what he is being called in Ethiopia right now and we wanted to keep that as his middle name. We can't wait to meet this beautiful boy face to face in just 6 weeks and now you all can pray for him by name.



Aaron and Lacey said...

Love the name!

Laura Rosenberg said...

Just so you Jews will be calling him Shlomo! That's the Hebrew! In any case, we are so excited for you all!

Jenny said...

I love the name! Excited for you guys!