Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Tally

It’s time to tally up October's fundraising & celebrate reaching our goals!

September re-cap: goal $5,000 to purchase solar panel. Event: Congo Carnival. Raised: $12,000

October re-cap:  $12,000 to feed our soon-to-be-sons’ orphanage in Eastern Congo for 1 year (40ish kids). We used the leftover $7,000 from September’s amazing Congo Carnival to start this project and with your help we surpassed the $5,000 needed to complete feeding these children! October add-on: fixing a kitchen

  •  online jewelry sales from Outreach Uganda (gross income of $1,422 so we’ll get 40%),
  •  Highland Falls Fall Foliage Festival, cash donations & our Open House ($2,900)
  • D’s 10th B-day party ($1,000)
  •  3 bead parties (still waiting on final tallies, but at least $2,000),
  • an announcement about the needs in DRC made by M in a small Michigan church ($1,000)
  • an anonymous family pledge to match up to $1,000 PLUS all those cash donations to me matched ($2,000)

We clearly surpassed the needed $5,000

I LOVE how these goals continue being surpassed because INDIVIDUALS are stepping up with ideas, courage, & the drive to “go for it.” Thank you!

The big question is what will we do with the cash overflow?
We (the 3 West Point families adopting from DRC- more on us later) decided to use $1324 of the money on much-needed-repairs for this kitchen. Below is a picture and some basic information:

40PIECES SHEETS U.S. $ 20 U.S. $ 8OO
BOARDS TRAVERES 10units U.S. $ 17 U.S. $ 170
TOTAL $ 1,324 U.S.

And the rest of the money? Instead of announcing on Nov 1st I’m blaming Sandy & giving myself an extra day :).  Stay tuned tomorrow…


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