Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crawling, Clapping, Reading, Signing

I keep forgetting to post that Saedi is officially crawling, and yesterday she started clapping. I wasn't sure if she was clapping on purpose or by accident. Today Ellie & I experimented with her (poor Saedi...always the experiment) & started yelling, "Yaaaaayy!" and sure enough, Saedi started clapping. It's sweet to see her little hands coming together! It's a slow and awkward clap, but still adorable! Saedi seems proud of herself, too.

Ellie is in her element as Big Sis & as Mother. She's taken a refreshed interested in reading & she's often reading to her baby doll, Ashley & to Saedi. Today she was on the couch reading to Saedi & trying to teach her sign language as well. So cute!


Steve, Jenny, and Hailey said...

So cute! That is great that she is crawling already! Give the girls a hug for me!

Rusty said...

I really enjoy you sharing what is going on with your family! I read these posts all the time.
Love you guys,
your Uncle Rusty