Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In Memory of Grandma Great

Riley's maternal granmother, Ruth Harmsen, passed away last Friday (Aug 15th) & the funeral was today in Michigan. We would have loved to honor grandma today with the family, but the girls & I decided not to make the trek. I thought it wouild only be appropriate, though, to dedicate today's post to her. Continuing, we are grateful to grandma for her heart of service, unconditional love, & her witty spirit. We will cherish her special gifts- the silverware collection, homemade doilies & dishcloths, & her china plates. More lasting, though, I will remember her as loving me as her own grandchild & for her joyful spirit playing with Ellie. We rejoice that Grandma is no longer in pain, but instead, is dancing with Jesus & Grandpa.

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Natalie said...

She is with her father!!