Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | How To: Amuse Toddlers

Check out this practical article I read this morning! This one is worthy of being passed along to all of you who interact with toddlers...what great ideas...some old and some new. (Be sure to click on the link "How to Amuse Toddlers Instructable" within the article below)

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | How To: Amuse Toddlers

I have three fun childhood play memories that I'll share.
1. Traveling the World: filling up a small bag with food (whatever I could pack myself- graham crackers are the only food I remember) for my journey & then traveling around the perimeter of my yard (I grew up on 5 it took awhile to travel the world)observing and playing as I traveled.
2. Stair Airplane: lining up all my stuffed animals and baby dolls on either side of the stairs as airplane passengers. Since I was the pilot (of course) I would sit at the bottom of the stairs steering the legs of a flipped over chair. Mid-way through the flight I became the flight attendant and would serve snacks to the passengers. Towards the end of the journey I would shake baby powder in the air as smoke or as an air freshener...why did I do that? Who knows...the idea is to be creative.
3. Couch Driving: sitting on the back of the couch with my feet dangling over the back, driving an imaginary whatever (car, fire engine, school bus, etc). Sound crazy, but it pacified me!

Please share your ideas too...What are your favorite play memories as a child or what are some creative ways to play that you've discovered?

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