Friday, October 10, 2008

Deck & Dancing

Riley started building a new deck for us a few days ago & he's been working on it late every night. Our friend Jesse came over at 9 this morning to help Ry with more of the foundation. Those guys worked non-stop all day with only a short break for lunch & a quick trip to Lowe's in the afternoon. It's pretty amazing to see how much those guys accomplished in such a short amount of time...and without experience. They do look pretty good sporting their new tool belts, though. wink wink

While the guys were busy working tonight, Nat & Jen came over (with Brooke, Meadow & Emmy, of course) & we had lots of laughs eating tasty Mexican take-out & dancing with our girls (The next time I'm having a horrible day, someone please remind me of how adorable Emmy-gorilla-sumo-chic is when the tunes kick on). Ellie managed to fall in the toilet (yes, sticking her foot on a turd), but we (actually Nat)got her cleaned up & all the girlies had a blast in the bathtub together. Add a little wine to the mix, Jen's delicious frosted brownies, & a good kithen cleaning (compliments of Nat) and a good time was had by all.

Jesse, Nat, Brooke & Meadow take off for Canada in the morning, and even though they'll be gone just a few weeks they will be sorely missed by all of us pathetic friends who rely on them way too much!!! Thanks for a fun night you guys!

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Jen said...

thanks for inviting us michelle! i'm still laughing at emmy's dancing...hopefully that's not what i look like when i dance and that's where she got it from. :) enjoy the rest of your time with riley! (by the way, the deck looks great guys!)