Friday, October 24, 2008

Busy Season

It's been a busy but fun season for us right now. Riley's in San Francisco this week but he'll be home in about a week. Don't know what he's doing but we've been able to talk almost daily. He did call to say he was gonna pick up "I heart SF" t-shirts for the girls...he thought that would be funny given his job.

Riley's been gone a lot since Saedi was born, and I think he and I share the common fear that Saedi won't connect with him as her Daddy. God has amazed us, though, and it's never been an issue. She has this Daddy Doll (a stuffed pillow-doll with Riley's picture on it...check out that she adores. Everytime Ellie and I give it to her Saedi laughs, kicks her feet and says, "A-Da, A-Da" (Da-da backwards). Modern technology is on our side as well. Just last night Saedi was going crazy talking with Riley on the web cam, and I included a picture of her chatting and waving hi.

The girls and I have been staying busy with various fall parties with friends, the battalion, Mom's Club, and church. Just today we went to a retirement home with the girls dressed in their costumes. Saedi had a blast with the people, but Ellie was way more interested in who had candy to give to her. lol

I guess the latest news is again about Saedi. She's officially had her first tantrum. Wouldn't you know it was over oatmeal and butternut squash! She refused to eat (which she never does), shoved her face to the side and WAILED. "When she's good she's good, but when she's bad she's very very bad." Someone asked me if I won. No. I gave in and sent her to bed. I guess the babe was just tired. :)

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Londa said...

Too funny. Saedi looks particularly ticked off that you took her photo during this event, but she'll laugh at it someday. I took a similar one of Keaton trying peach cobbler one time...boy, was he mad at me for making him try it, and to this day he doesn't like peaches!