Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bare Bickets

Riley got home from TX late Friday night & it has been wonderful having him home. Ellie is once again her Daddy's shadow following him everywhere. Saedi now claps when Riley comes in the room & she's almost as comfortable around him as she is me (which says a lot since she's a momma's girl). While Riley went back to a regular work schedule immediately, we've been able to meet him for lunch almost everyday, and having the nice weather to enjoy together over lunch has been a bonus. We're trying to simply be together as much as possible these 10 days that we have together, so we've cancelled a lot of our regular evening activities and said no to some new propositions...and I'm proud of us for making time for each other (it's not easy to do). Our exception was last night whe I went to a much-needed girls' night out military coffee and had a blast while Riley took the girls on a date to Chuck E Cheese & Cold Stone Creamery. Other than that litle bit of excitment, I've been power washing the house & Riley is adding onto our deck...both large projects that are helping keep our attention at home this week. I haven't taken many pictures or been very good about updating the blog since Ry got in...but here's a picture of Saedi's bare bickets that I just couldn't resist tonight.


Natalie said...

no wordes to describe how uber tootie she is!

Jen said...

you and riley did good mama...both of your girls are beautiful! saedi is so funny...always smiling. she reminds me of a little fairy baby. :)

Ashley said...

She is growing up so fast!! Very cute pic, I'm sure she'll love it in about 15 years! ;)