Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alaska Day 3 /Final Day

And yet another gorgeous Alaskan view from our car

Riley fishing on the spit, catching and releasing pollock. (Since it was our last day we didn't have time to freeze any of these to bring home).

...and this adorable lady said, "No no no! Give them to me!" So, they became fishing partners. Riley would catch a Pollock about every few minutes and that would be just enough time for her to gut and clean one until Riley pulled the next one out of the water. There was a brief slow spell where she teasingly said, "What no more fish? Oh that's a baby fishy fishy. Cute cute!" Who knows if he was being mocked! :)

A potential Post Family van??? I seriously like these vans but when we got home and researched they really only seat 5. But how cool to have a pop out camper everywhere we drove!

View from our Bed and Breakfast


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