Sunday, June 27, 2010

Change of Command

Without getting into too much detail on a public blog, just wanted to take time to honor Riley in his new job (not a promotion just change in job) which took place this past week! We had an early morning ceremony & then a nice reception to follow.
Riley's out in front on left side. It was 930 am and in low 90's already!

The nice spread Riley's mom and dad helped me put together for the reception following the ceremony: croissants filled with either ham & cheese or turkey and cheese, mini muffins, fruit kabobs with Jen's awesome dip, chocolate covered strawberries, cake, & drinks.

Riley with his parents

Ellie, Daddy, Saedi, Mommy (32 weeks preggo)

Mommy, Saedi, Daddy, Crazy Ellie


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Nathan said...

This looks lovely! Way to go, Riley. We're still cheering for you, but also ready for your tours to be over :)