Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Class Presentations

Ellie has been a part of a local home-schooling program/co-op for the past 8 weeks. The program is part of a nationwide program called Classical Conversations. I have been thrilled with this program. Even though education is my academic background, homeschooling is not really something I thought I would ever do. However, the past two Autumns I became very irritable during Back to School time. We tried pre-school and I was very discontent, irritable, and felt like it was a big waste of money. Now, I'm not saying preschool isn't good or that it is a waste of money, I'm simply saying that's how I felt, which people began pointing out to me these are good indicators to try homeschooling. *Groan* So, my friend Kristen, told me about Classical Conversations starting up locally. We drug all of our kids to Nashville for the seminars, etc, and here we are giving it a try...and it's working! All that said, each week the kids stand up and give a class presentation. This past Monday Ellie taught the kids how to make fruit kabobs, and Saedi (who sits in during the class b/c her teacher Ms Amy is a saint) presented on making trail mix. Both girls did a wonderful job and I was hoping to post the videos of them, but I'm not able to get them uploaded. So, use your imaginations! The pictures included are of Miss Amy (the tutor who models what to practice for the week) and the class. Six-year-old Ella is teaching the class how to draw a person.


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