Monday, October 11, 2010

Isaac's First Run

Riverdance+Ranger Panties+Pepper Spray= Isaac's First Run with Crazy Momma

There's that disturbing, old man look again

Apparently the girls are having a blast in Michigan with Mimi and Papa. They've already gone apple picking & made homemade apple pies. They've gone on Autumn hikes & had an overnight sleepover/ camp out in the Tepee with Papa. That's right...a real tepee...with a campfire pit & costumes inside...and Skittles to bribe the kids :) Back at the ranch, Isaac and I have been spending lots of time outside walking, jogging, and hiking. We've also spent lots of time inside...watching movies, reading, cuddling, relaxing. It's been a wonderful few days and I'm going to do my best to cherish the last couple as well.


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