Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making Momma Proud

I am so proud of Ellie! Recently she's become very helpful around the house. Last night she cracked me up because she walked into the kitchen to show me all that she had organized...the letters on the fridge & her play dishes. It made me smile to think that maybe, just maybe she'll have a few organizational freak skills like her Momma. Ellie has also taken to making flower arrangements. She will ask me several times a week if she can go out back to cut flowers. Today she came in with this beautiful arrangement which she put together all by herself! And, last but not least, she loves having Coupon Cutting Parties with me and is a huge help in this department. I love my Ellie and am so grateful for her vibrant spirit and tender, creative heart.


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Londa said...

How delightful, Michelle. She is a keeper. :)