Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY Decor

I've been on a decorating kick again- painting, re-arranging, plant inspiration, etc. I've been working on making this headboard for the guest room & I recently came across these genius book ends. Can't wait to try them! Here are some pics of the DIY headboard. All is finished except the tacks (which I haven't decided what to use yet). Riley measured & cut the plywood for me and Meghan came to help me with the foam, batting, & fabric. We ran into issues getting the fabric to fit around the corners without bunching & looking weird. In the comments section of her blog, we found another crafter who had a similar problem. Apparently, the solution is to cut & sew flaps. A bit tricky to explain & the seams do show but all in all I'm happy with the almost-finished product. Now, to find brass tacks :)


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