Sunday, February 26, 2012

Days of Old

Gella & her boyfriend Chris came in from Western NY for the weekend. It was so wonderful seeing my long-time friend again. They got in Thursday night and Gella and I stayed up way later than we should catching up and reminiscing. I had obligations for Friday morning, so Gella & Chris went exploring while the kids and I were at their homeschooling co-op. After lunch Lynette came up to meet us and then when Ry got home we took off for NYC early afternoon. It was cold/rainy but we were happy to be together again. We met up with Marci and shopped a little, but mainly talked, explored, met up with Jessie, ate, & ate some more. It was wonderful.

My kids adored Gella
Stocking up on lip gloss at Sephora (Marci, me, Gella, Lynette)

Chris & Gella

After dinner coffee, yoghurt & biscotti with Jess
It had been 8 years ago in Alaska that 4 of us had been together & almost 10 years ago (at my wedding) that we had all been together again
(Marci, Lynette, me, Audrey, Jessie, Gella)

At Nyack College, 12 years ago (me, Gella, Marci, Lynette, Michelle, Jessie)



Natalie said...

That's awesome ! Live it do much!

Michelle G. said...

We're very sassy...... ;)