Friday, September 21, 2012

Say What?

It's the night before our big Congo Carnival event & Ry just counted up all the money we've raised so far--money from cash/check/paypal donations & money from selling donated items on our local online West Point yard sale site. We have already raise $5,355 & the CONGO CARNIVAL IS TOMORROW! Say what?!? Our goal was $5,000 for a solar panel & you all have totally blown me out of the water. I am straight-up amazed at how quickly God has stirred hearts for this cause and ignited a passion for orphans in all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your encouragement, time, money, advice, prayers, discipline, & compassion for orphans. This is what Heart for Congo is all about. We are buying that solar panel so those orphans can live with electricity.

I was freaking out when this truck pulled up today because our 3 garages were maxxed out!

And...all the extra money will go towards our next project that I guess I can announce NOW! We will be raising $12,000 to feed an orphanage for a year (more on that later)! Say what!
Just this afternoon until friends rescued me by organizing!
 Please pray for our Congo Carnival tomorrow! The 3 garages are organized & packed full. The bounce house is here. The hot dogs, brats, burgers, buns, & oj has been donated from Target & Adams. We're making a late-night trip to Panera to pick-up their leftover bakery items. The prizes are waiting. We're going to have balloon twisting, face painting, cookie decorating, coloring, bean bag toss, & other games. Cookies, cupcakes, & caramel apples are being delivered & baking parties (with cadets) are going on all over West Point right now. And the forecast looks wonderful. God is good. He is faithful. He has provided the money. I pray He would use the Congo Carnival to draw hearts to Himself. I pray this event will ignite even more hearts to bring relief to the orphan crisis.  

Look at these ADORABLE Army ponchos some girls from the homeschooling co-op sewed!

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Heather said...

God is Awesome! I can't believe I had the privilege of living with you for a time back in college. I am so excited and proud of you for what you are doing! Love you! Biebs