Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A big Congrats to Uncle Jeff who was the first (and only) to correctly guess which items the girls chose to donate from the Gifts of Compassion Catalog.
Ellie: vaccination
Saedi: water filter
Jeff, today you'll have a chicken donated in your name!
Thank you to all who participated in our silly game! Merry Christmas!


the indians and pirates said...

Man, this happened fast! I was hoping to do a little research with the boys this morning to see what they gravitated toward...

Jeff said...

Whoohoo! Great Idea Shelly! I will attribute my victory to my vast knowledge and insight...and of course the fact that someone else guessed Ellie's right and many other's used up most of the remaining I guess that doesn't leave me in need of much wisdom to win. I'm just glad to see someone in need of a chicken receive one.

I hope you have a great Christmas with the Posts. I wish we could be there with you!