Monday, December 20, 2010


Continuing along the lines of yesterday's post, we thought we'd promote the Gifts of Compassion Catalog for one more day. So, we're having a CONTEST and whoever wins will get a chicken donated by us in his/her name. Here are the rules:
1. one vote per comment but you can leave as many comments/votes as you want
2. the first person to guess correctly wins

The Contest: The first person to correctly guess what BOTH Ellie and Saedi chose to give from the Gifts of Compassion Catalog
*hint...Ellie's generous first choice was the $5,000 major surgery, but I asked her to choose again. Both girls chose gifts for $100 or less. Good luck!



dave said...

I think that Ellie and Saedi chose to give the Beauty Training for $55.00.

Jenny said...

I think Saedi chose a goat and Ellie chose the kit for a new mom???

Michelle said...

no winners yet! keep trying! :) they each guessed something a bit unpredictable

dave said...

Second Try:
Ellie Vaccination
Saedi Goat

Jenny said...

Steve's guess:

Ellie- Soccer ball
Saedi- Baking supplies

Michelle said...

still a no-go, but Dave guessed one correctly!

Natalie said...

saedi - computer or new moms kit
Ellie- vacination ??????

Michelle said...

Dave and Nat are correct with one of the girls, but no winner yet!

Jeff said...

Ellie - Vaccination
Saedi - Mosquito Net

Jeff said...

Okay since I am obviously behind the game now I figured I should put my second guess in with my first. If I were Riley I would probably realize there are only a few options remaining and put one comment with each option that remains which would of course guarantee that I win. But for the sake of game, I will resist my flesh and just put one more guess in :-). So here goes.

Ellie - Vaccination
Saedi - water filter

Tara Leap said...

Ellie: Vaccination
Saedi: Small Business