Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gifts of Compassion

My friend Steph recently posted a humorous blog about You Know Your Family is Cheap When... And I found myself laughing hysterically because our family could relate to all of those except not replacing the colored ink cartridge. And one of the main reasons we're cheap is so that WE CAN GIVE to those in need. Each year Riley and I learn more and more about being wise with our money, and as a result, we were able to give more this Christmas than any year past. Praise God! And our children are noticing. Ellie has picked up a heart of generosity that I saw her display with picking out presents for her Angel Child this year. And while most of you probably already have your Christmas shopping finished, I wanted to encourage you to check out these Gifts of Compassion.
When I was 15 I traveled to Bolivia and was able to a visit orphanages and schools and meet children who were sponsored through Compassion International. I was able to see firsthand the positive difference it makes in these children's' lives. For several years now, our family has been sponsoring two children from Africa though Compassion International. I'm saying all this to confirm that Compassion International is a reputable and honest agency. And while you may not be ready for a monthly commitment to sponsor a child, please check out these Gifts of Compassion!



the indians and pirates said...

Love intentional, purposeful thriftiness... Love Compassion International... Love you and your family! :)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I am so thrilled with the Gifts of Compassion catalog and with our whole experience with Compassion International! What a fantastic organization!! Giving feels so much better than receiving, at least in my heart!

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

thanks for sharing this. :)