Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ellie opening her Beauty & the Beast dvd from Saedi
Getting the 2nd ear done. Her little clenched jaw reminds me of my labor face.
Ta-Da! Turqoise (her birthstone) earrings for the 5 year old!
Nails polish with white flowers on left hand. Black polish with hot pink hearts on the right hand.

For her birthday on the 7th Ellie requested that Isaac go to hourly care and the rest of us spend a girls day out. This is what El's bday looked like:
Opening lots of birthday cards and a present from Mimi & Aunt Jane
Dropping Isaac off at hourly for the day
Talking to Daddy over the phone while opening earrings from him. He got to tell her she was going to get her ears pierced!
Breakfast at Ihop
Getting ears pierced...she didn't cry!
Shopping at Kohls with gift card from cousin Nathan- She picked out Hello Kitty fake nails, lip gloss & she even bought a necklace for Saedi
Chuck E Cheese to spend our 20 free tokens
Toys r Us to spend $3 giftcard
Movie theater to watch Tangled
Fingernails painted
Ms Natalie's for Christmas craft, dinner cupcakes with friends
Baskin Robbins for free bday ice cream
Home to open gift from Gma and Gpa...a microphone!
Lots of phone calls
Charlie Brown's Christmas
Here's the link for all of our favorite Birthday Freebies:



Tara Leap said...

Sounds like Ellie had a great birthday! I love Saedi in the background getting her nails done. She barely can reach over the table. Adorable!!!

KToth said...

Unbelieveable! I can not understand how you manage to put so much in one day! This is a constant thing between us. You tell me you did two workouts in the time I did the dishes and I'm left wondering what superpowers you have. Way to go making it special (and not pricey) for your biggest girl!
I love that she felt very special but you didn't just buy her whatever she wanted in ToysRUs, or let her play indefinitely at Chuck E Cheese's. A budget is such a good thing to teach.