Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jingle Bell Jog

December 4th: Jingle Bell Jog & Christmas Parade
I am extremely proud of these two 4-year olds (soon to be 5) who just finished walking/running an entire 5k. Ellie wasn't too excited about running it but when Caleb agreed to run with her she became motivated (social like her momma). Here's a pic of the happy friends before the start.

Best friends helping one another out. I loved this! They stuck together, held hands & pulled each other when it got tough. They wanted to quit, but persevered through sore feet & tummy aches.

They did it! Tired and proud kiddos. We finished last, but they didn't care. They were so tired at the end...and it was cold & windy & hilly.
Extremely proud of my biggest girl. She finished strong, running to the finish line.
The gang. Saedi & Isaac were troopers...not complaining at all! This nice lady asked if she could walk/run with us, and she ended up being a huge help with undressing & re-dressing coats, hats, & gloves.
And after the race...the parade! We only stayed for a bit because it was so cold & windy once the sun went down. El crawled into bed when we got home without even wanting dinner.
*And a huge shout out to Caleb's momma, Kristen, who finished 3rd overall for the women's division...woo hoo!


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