Monday, March 19, 2012

Lynette's NYC half

A while back I applied for the lottery to run the NYC half marathon. I didn't get in, but a couple of my friends did. Meghan & Sean got in and had a fantastic race. However, I'm mostly proud of Lynette who had never run more than 3 miles before December, and after only 3 months of training finished her 1st half marathon yesterday!!! For the past 3 months Lynette trained hard and changed her eating habits to more of a primal/paleo lifestyle and I've so enjoyed being with her thru this journey. Once I didn't get in the race I told her I'd do all I could to run it with her, and thankfully I was able to I run up to mile 12 with her without much notice.

We took the train into Harlem on St Patricks Day with was crazy. The train was packed with crazies but it was a fun ride. Ben met us at the Harlem station and he walked us to his place where we dropped our bags and then headed out for packet pick-up, lunch, browsing, etc. It's so wonderful having friends in the city who know their way around! We spent the rest of the evening gearing up for the race, eating dinner on Ben's apartment room, and watching movies. Perfect!

Up early the next morning and taxied out to Central Park to begin the 6 mile loop. Ben & Lynette doing some exaggerated stretching before the race.

Daffodils! Ben assured us that Lynette needed two coaches and ended up running the entire half with us as well. We ended up finding a few shirts that people discarded along the way so we used Ben to wear/carry the gear for us :)
Times Square section- loved the girl in the purple tutu.
A little entertainment
Battery Park. Almost to Lincoln Tunnel. Great view of Brooklyn Bridge. Almost done. Goooo Lynette!

My camera died from taking too many pics so I didn't get any of Lynette at the finishing line. Steven met us at the finish and got a lot of fantastic pics and Ben made videos documenting her progress throughout. What a fun first race for her!
Lunch at IHOP after with a delicious caramel hot chocolate.


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