Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paint Makes Everything Better

I love to paint and since the weather starting warming up I've got the paint bug. Months ago, we picked up this piece for $25 in Newburgh off Craigslist. I'm a sucker for bookcases with glass doors and this piece was a steal. I lived with this the way it was for a while and then I got inspired to paint (after a LOT of sanding, of course)

Royal blue and true while are the colors I decided on. De-cluttered the shelving, bought a cute lamp from target, and displayed one of Ellie's paintings helped make this brighter. I'm already happier with the dining room. Now if only I could have a new table...:)



the indians and pirates said...

Looks great! And Ellie seems to be quite the artist!

Meghan said...

looks awesome, michelle - i need to commission ellie to do a painting for me - i love that!!!