Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saedi Alexandra

I love my sweet Saedi and we rarely get time for just the two of us. Last weekend Ellie had a birthday party to go to, so I told Saedi she and I were going on a date. She wanted to go to a restaurant (that served pizza, banana bread and donuts) and when I suggested getting her nails painted at a real shop (as opposed to our kitchen table) she was ecstatic.

We got our nails painted first and she knew exactly what she wanted. She is going to be a famous artist, you know. At least that's what she tells us. She chose two shades of purple and asked for a pattern of every other nail. Then she got designs painted on top in green. Sweet! I went for a sassy read that the pretty lady next to me assured me would look fabulous on my nails as "short red nails are in this Spring."
Since I didn't know of any restaurants that served pizza, banana bread & donuts we compromised and walked to Dunkin Donuts where she picked out a coffee roll for after lunch. Next, we drove to Prima Pizza in Cornwall where we each ate a slice of cheese and she picked Spumoni for dessert (because it was colorful. She doesn't even like ice cream because it's cold. I cheated on not eating sugar and had a few bites...delicious!). And the highlight of the restaurant? The old jukebox. I gave her a quarter and let the box sing Happy Birthday to her (her birthday is January) and she thought she was the best thing happening. Adorable! Refreshing morning with the most amazing 4-year old I know!



Jen said...

Awww, Saedi is so sweet. Glad you two had a special day together. :)

the indians and pirates said...

Sounds perfect. :)