Monday, March 26, 2012

World Vision Weekend

Viewers Beware- my uncanny ability to puff my belly out after carbo-loading to create the faux preggo belly. I am NOT pregnant. We were laughing so hard when I asked Ry to take a fake pregnant picture at sunset to send to Natalie. Freaky huh?
This past weekend Mimi & Papa drove from Michigan to spend the weekend with us. Ry and I spent Friday night alone walking around Tarry Town eating delicious, cheesy paninis, Greek salad, & coffee. Isn't the Tarry Town sunset so beautiful on the Hudson with the Tappan Zee in the background? Following sunset, we drove to the city and spent the night in prep for the World Vision Race the following morning. The race was fantastic but I didn't take a single picture! Ry's goal was sub 1:30 and he finished in 1:23!!! My goal was an 8:30 pace and my overall pace was 8:24, finishing at 8 min pr for me. The weather was perfect- warm (50), no wind, & a lovely flat course.
And...the long-awaited salon with Mimi in prep for the Father-Daughter dance. We borrowed hot rollers from Lindsay, painted nails, let the girls wear make-up, etc for this grand event. All the girls' friends were going to the dance, and I'm thrilled Ry was home & his dad were in town & able to take our girls.

Ellie kept begging Ry to get dressed & requested that he spike his hair like he does "for Momma." Then, she decided she had better style Daddy herself.

Saedi proud of her $18 corsage- yikes!!!

Off to the ball
And yesterday was a lazy day- church, Home Depot, lunch out, napping, playing, and the guys beginning on our garden!

We ended the evening with a small birthday celebration for Mimi-
chocolate gelato
sprinkled cookies
carrot cake

So thankful for family & a lovely weekend


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Aaron and Lacey said...

Love the pic of Riley and the girls! Looks like you guys are doing great :-)