Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunburst Mirror

Last Tuesday when we heard we were going to be getting snow Meghan and I made a last-minute decision to make our own sunburst mirrors during our "snow day." Meghan did all the dirty work- choosing This tutorial to follow, running out to Michaels, Home Depot, & the PX to pick up the bags of supplies. I just showed up and she served me wine, yummy lara balls & we glued & chatted til midnight.

Piles of glued shims wrapped in rubber bands
My final product wasn't as symmetrical as I had hoped. Obviously when I glued the mirror on, I was off. I didn't realize how off until I checked my final product the next morning. Meghan painted her sunburst gold, so you'll have to wait for her to blog about this fun experience.

Oh, and that snow day? We got it! (which is hard to believe since it was 70 out today!)


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