Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adoptive Mothers

My friend, Vanessa has a fantastic blog, Silly Eagle Books,  that anyone interacting with young kids should check out. With Mother's Day coming up tomorrow, she recently posted on adoptive mothers & her favorite books on adoption.  Can't wait to check out her suggestions. But...Mother's Day is always so bitter-sweet for me. I get flashes of memories of my mom & try to hold back thoughts of how life would be different today if she were still alive. I have thoughts of gratefulness for a step-mom who chose to love me from the beginning of our relationship & for nurturing  mother-in-law who treats me as one of her own. And in addition to all of that, I think of Sol's birth momma and wonder who she is, is she alive, & I say prayers for her either way. I pray for Sol's little heart & all of the mother issues that he'll one day work through as well. But- Mother's Day is a happy day & I am so grateful God allowed me four beautiful, oh-so-different-wonderful-happy-children, to raise up, Mother, encourage, teach to love Jesus & others, cry with, hug & kiss, mourn with, rejoice with, smile & laugh with, tickle, hold, & just be. Happy Mother's Day...and just a shout out for my favorite children's book on adoption,
A Mother for Choco


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