Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Catching Up

In no particular order are my whirlwind of pictures...life is at high-speed right now, but our family is growing in the Lord and with each other & those are wonderful things.

This past month I had a blast running another half marathon in the city with 6 other girlfriends. We got 2 hotel rooms in the city & had a delightful get away. Here is my latest project...my Philippians 4:8 wall to help me in the process of renewing my mind. I've had to let go of some tough things these past two weeks, & just going on a personal journey of finding myself again and who I am in Christ. Tough, but good.
Did you notice Ellie's new haircut? She's so proud to have a big girl haircut just like her beloved, Miss Meghan! Ellie's been busy starting up 1st grade math, taking care of her siblings, being a helper in the four-year-old dance class, & getting ready for her own tap & ballet recital scheduled for this Saturday.
 Riley just got back from a 5 day trip in Texas with his friend, Dan Gade, where they rode with the wounded warriors & former President Bush in Texas. I think it was a refreshing get-away from him. In the meantime he's been super-busy teaching, mentoring, planning for a summer trip to Costa Rica, an upcoming half ironman, & cadet life as it's almost graduation.

Isaac is as mischievous as ever- loves basketball, skateboards, jumping, eating, handing me things while saying, "Here Mommy, here!" He loves telling me no, but hates the consequences that often follow. He's still a cuddler and a lover.
Solomon is growing like crazy. He's getting super tall & his feet are longer than Isaac's. He still copies Isaac and has become very verbal. He loves words of affirmation and says, "Big Boy. Good boy" while referring to himself clapping. He hangs out with Jack constantly trying to ride on him. He's high speed and has a fascination with running in the road.
Miss Saedi is still sweet & compliant and oh so patient like her Daddy. She's really taking to reading simple words like cat, hat, etc and is so proud of having her own reading lessons with me. She loves her tap & ballet class and is excited about her recital this weekend as well. She makes friends easily now but is still happy to play alone building forts or playing school with her dolls.



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dawn said...

Super cool that Riley got to hang out with the Prez! One of my favoritest peoples.