Thursday, May 10, 2012

  Meghan & I spent this fantastic Spring day in Central Park with the kids. We played on rocks, toured the quaint little Central Park Zoo, fed the animals in The Children's petting Zoo, rode the Carousel, & then flew a kite & rolled down grassy hills until we were sure we would get stuck in rush hour traffic if we didn't leave. So thankful for a rejuvenating day!

Fountains! at Columbus Circle

Relaxing Me!

My girls love snakes--behind glass of course

Where is the red panda?

Saedi n the snow leopard

Spring rabbits

Turtle 1

And Turtle #2 right behind

Nurturing Ellie


Ellie loving kite flying

Paddy hesitant on Carousel

Hill Rolling!

Sweet Cormac

Hair Pretty's of the Wild

Hour Ride Home


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Laura Rosenberg said...

Awww! My fav place in the whole wide world! (all of NYC, that is.) We'll be there the second week in July, we could perhaps have a big family day in the city with you guys...