Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

 What a fun Memorial Weekend with nice, hot weather. I think one of my favorite aspects of living at West Point is being a part of patriotic holidays- they just seem to  mean more being in this historical setting. Anyhow, Riley took the day off on Friday and we spent it watching the 2012 WP graduation parade, napping, taking Fast Eddy out for a spin to Cold Spring, & movie/pizza night. So fun!

Saturday was graduation day and Riley had the honor of pinning Isaac & Seth and welcoming them as 2 Lt in the Army. 

Sunday Ry worked all day as summer jobs have begun. He'll be spending the next 3 weeks in and out at Camp Buckner doing woodsy training. It's like we're in the "real Army" again. :)

And for Memorial Day itself, I ran 7 miles early in the morning with some friends to pay tribute to some of the fallen. Ry and I took the kids to the Cornwall Parade, which lasted all of a whopping 10 minutes. At least that gave us time to throw rocks down at the river & meet up with friends for a picnnc lunch after Ry went into work at noon. We spent the afternoon playing outside with neighbors! Fun weekend!


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