Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nyack Trips

 I've been treated to several Nyack adventures lately! Last Sunday, Ry and I took the kids to the annual Nyack Street Fair. It was packed out- warm & perfect. Ry took the kids to the park for 30 minutes while I strolled thru vendors with Lynette. Then, I met back up & we hung out as a family- eating Italian Ices, garlic knots, exploring the piers, etc. It's so fun to take my kids on the same adventures I used to take others' kids to while babysitting in college. Then, on Wednesday, Isaac's follow-up appointment was in Nyack. After months of blood & stool testing, the results finally showed no food allergies, but instead, a nasty bacteria in his stomach. He has to go on 2 weeks of 2 antibiotics followed by 3 months of an antacid. Even though the rest of us feel fine, the doctor wanted the whole fam to get tested as well. Finally good to have answers to his diarrhea but I hate the thought of him on antibiotics. Anyway, after the appointment, the kids and I picked up lunch at a favorite cafe & ate down by the river- lovely!


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Laura Rosenberg said...

Awww! The street fair! And Turiello's! Maybe we should head up that way in July!