Thursday, November 15, 2012

November's Rare Inspiration

November is generally a slumpy-dumpy month for me. For one, the weather in NY is cold and for a girl who thrives in summer’s heat hibernation mode is sucking me in these days. I don’t enjoy bundling the 4 kiddos for 40 degree temps. I miss ice cream, tank tops, & sunsets at 9pm. Next, my running races are over until Spring & just today I retired my trusty running shoes of two years (sniff sniff).  Also, we celebrate Veteran’s Day & it’s sobering to remember all who have died for our freedom. And… there’s the dreaded Nov 12 (1990) when my own mother unexpectedly died. Also, I decided not to do any fundraising for DRC during the month of November because (1) I didn’t feel called to any specific idea & (2) I wanted to focus on raising awareness & thankfulness instead of asking so…I haven’t had “a project” that gets me going. And, well, having a project makes me happy.
West Point jumper

 I was thinking about all the above today and how I really should blog because it had been a while so I decided to give my ears a pep talk & cranked up some Christmas music via Spotify. I was preparing salmon, picking up toys, vacuuming the living room when all of a sudden, I received a wave of inspiration. As in a comic book strip I began to see 3 images line up…

1.     We received new pics of “our boys” from a gal who spent time in ---orphanage. She has spent a significant amount of time with "Josiah" & knew that "Gideon" is currently being sponsored by her high school friend.
2.     My SIL inquired about sponsoring a child from DRC
3.     Just this morning I received an update on 8 children in that orphanage who need a sponsor.

So… I would love to see ALL the orphans in the ---orphanage sponsored by the end of November! A full sponsorhip. $50 a month for a full sponsorship or $25 a month for partial.
Veteran's Day Hike
So many of you have approached me wanting to help but don’t feel called to adopt. A lot of times that leaves individuals feeling “stuck.” We want to do something, but what? I have an opportunity for you NOW for needs NOW. No long paperwork, legal documents, no mandatory classes. It does mean investing in a child’s life until he/she is adopted. All the children in this orphanage have lost their mommas. Our boys are in this orphanage & it's probably to assume that the families who sponsored them saved their lives—and are continuing to do so until we can get to them.

Would you consider?

Check out this link/blog for their photos & info on sponsorship. Please message me if you have questions or need more info/direction.


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