Tuesday, November 6, 2012


If I had been born a princess in an Egyptian palace would I have had enough compassion to rescue that Israelite baby out of the Nile? If I had been born with the beauty of Queen Esther would I have opted for boldness & stood before the King to advocate and plea for my people? If I had lived as a German through the Holocaust would I have had enough bravery to hide precious Jews? If I had grown up in the South during the Civil Rights movement, would I have cared enough to friend & defend the African Americans and advocate for them?  
Instead, I was born in the Super-Power of the world where I have never experienced true hunger or persecution.  I am living as part of the richest 5% of the world. On the other side of the world in DRC, however, 4 women/girls are raped every 5 minutes*, boys are being kidnapped and used as child soldiers. For some reason, God has instilled a compassion, boldness, bravery, & empathy in me for this people group. I feel like I have a responsibility, an obligation, ability, and a privilege to love & advocate for these lives- fellow mankind- for my time. 
Luke 12:48
“When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.”
So, who/what stirs you? Do you believe 1 person can make a difference? I am  dedicating  this week to sharing stories about individuals making a difference (in your life). Post your stories below or on the Heart for Congo Facebook group (private) and/or page.It is my hope that our stories will build each other up, instill courage, & remind each other that through Christ I/you/we can rise up and step out towards that goal, fear, or dream that stirs me/you/us.

(I understand there is much to be done locally- tending to hurricane Sandy victims, helping overwhelmed moms down the street, speaking up for the bullied child, standing up for the abused, feeding the hungry here- and I will do my part locally, but my heart beats for Africa at this time. My passion is in DRC, wanting to love in the name of Jesus. So, those are who I will advocate for as long as I’m called. We all have an opportunity & responsibility to care for each other, but specifically widows & orphans.)



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