Saturday, November 3, 2012

WHO is Heart for Congo?

WHO is Heart for Congo?
We are a community of people raising awareness of the current state of DR Congo & bringing relief for those orphans in need, and particularly the children who will never be adopted & will remain in DRC. We will be partnering with a non-profit, Our Family in Africa, to fundraise for these children. The group was started by 3 West Point families (Riley & Michelle Post, Eric & Lana Thornburg, & Dave & Naomi Beskow) all currently in the process of adopting from the DR Congo. We have committed to 12 months of raising awareness & fundraising.

Because September and October were huge fundraising months we will be shifting our focus to raising awareness during the month of November. We will be sharing DRC facts & stats, hearing testimonies of changed lives, presenting information about the non-profit Our Family in Africa, & introducing our 3 local families currently in the process of adopting from the DRC- the Thornburgs, Beskows, & Posts (my family).

Any donations received this month will be going towards finishing a girls’ boarding school in a village outside Kinshasa. This home will safely house & protect vulnerable orphan girls from the harsh realities of the capital city of Kinshasa. These girls will not be adopted. Your kind donations will help us provide ongoing food, water & education for girls that will call this place home.


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