Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pray & Fast for Goma


Please pray & fast with us right now. The M23 rebels have now entered Goma (DRC's "capital of the east.") Goma is where "Josiah"- the eldest of our referred children- is from. Goma is also where the airport is located. This is the airport "our boys" would fly out of to get to Kinshasa, the capital city (located in the West & where we would travel). The rebels have claimed they have taken the city of Goma (not confirmed) & the UN claims they still have control of the airport (BBC news). IF Goma is taken international aid will most likely evacuate & rebels will head South to take Bukavu. Bukavu is a 3 hour car ride South of Goma. It is the nearest town to "our sons'" orphanage, which is also the orphanage the 8 newly sponsored children live. While the orphanage is very remote & has never been attacked these are all things to pray about. 

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