Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Calling All Moms! Calling All Moms!

So, today I had a special date planned with Ellie- a trip to the waterpark with her good friend Brooke. I made plans to have Saedi in hourly care for about 6 hours to give us enough time. I dropped off Saedi & then Natalie, Brooke, Ellie & I headed out to Tie Breaker Water Park. The girls were having a great time (mainly eating each others snacks) & it was good for the two older girls to have time with their Mommies & no baby sisters.

We had been at the waterpark for about 2 1/2 hours when I received a call from hourly care saying that Saedi had been fussy all morning, they were pretty sure she was hungry, but she wouldn't take her bottle...nor would she take 2 others that they tried! Last week a similar incident happened, but I figured it would pass.

Now I'm not sure what to do. Ellie had no trouble taking a bottle, & Saedi never used to either. I'd like to continue nursing her, but I also want the freedom to be away from her for a feeding or two. What do I do? I'm thinking of trying to give her a bottle myself so I can see what she does. She's always taken a bottle from Riley, although not always very well. Do I spend money on new bottles in hopes that they work? Will a baby give in & eat if she really is hungry?

So, moms, I need any advice you're willing to dish out!


Lindsey said...

Sabrina went on a bottle strike right at 3 months, when I was about to go back to work! ARG! So frustrating and perplexing. We tried a faster speed nipple and one other type of bottle, that helped some, but we ultimately had to just keep at it, persisting even thought she would refuse and not eat until the next feeding. After a few weeks she gave in and took them fine again. Good luck! It's so hard to leave a baby when you know they are going to not eat or be fussy!

Natalie said...

I forgot to tell you that if you have the Avent #2 nipples they are compatable with the Born Free bottles, the faster flow might help, Meadow is still on #1 flow cause she eats really slow and i tried the #2 but she spits all all the time with that one.

pretentiously.academian said...

Hey Michelle...
So I am not a mom yet but have heard of this problem from some friends... would Saedi be old enough to try some solid food (rice cereal) once a day or so? That might be part of the problem, like she isn't full but doesn't want milk?