Saturday, June 28, 2008

Charlotte's Visit

Ellie & I like bugs....and photography...and Charlotte's Web (thanks Mimi). Tonight when the girls & I were swinging in the back yard I noticed that hanging from the treehouse was a spider who was busily wrestling a grasshopper (I think) in her stickiness. Ellie and I (mainly I) watched in amazement as speedy "Charlotte" battled the grasshopper that was 3 times her size. The grasshopper finally gave up and the rest...well, he became dinner, I assume. Pretty cool.

I was trying to capture unique photos of this insect battle, but I wasn't happy with the pictures using the automatic setting on my camera. So, for the first time, I ventured out to use the manual setting. While the pictures I took aren't completely clear, I'm pretty happy at my first attempt at manual photography.

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